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About Fortis Battery Care

Fortis Battery Care was launched in 2011 by director Andrew Clarke who has over 25 years experience in the industrial battery sector. Fortis are leading the way in providing forklift batteries, services and products as we can supply you with complete forklift batteries, chargers and battery components, as well as carrying out repairs, maintenance and service work on your batteries, whether it be on one truck or an entire fleet.

We also provide non-prejudiced product support, can manage 'on behalf of' warranty periods, provide fully qualified technical support as necessary allowing you to redirect your costs to value adding activities over fixed cost allocations. As well as the above, Fortis are able to provide non-biased fleet surveys.

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As we aren't affiliated to any battery companies we can offer you an unbiased experience when carrying out repairs, replacements and battery maintenance. Our promise is to provide the very best customer service and products possible, as its important to us that you as a customer, have every confidence that our services are provided with your best interests at heart.

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With our head office in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, we are centrally based and are supported by our team of highly trained field engineers located throughout the UK, so no matter where you are we can deliver you an expert, personal service.

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