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What do I need to know before buying?
You need to know the battery voltage, the connector type and find out if you have single or three phase power available at your electrical panel. If you are unsure about what charger you need please feel free to get in touch.

Micropower SMC- High Frequency forklift battery chargers.

Micropower chargers are compact and low weight making them easily wall mountable which saves valuable floor space. They are highly efficient chargers suiting most applications and battery types. Making sure that in the shortest possible time the forklift battery is completely charged with low water consumption and minimal wear.

The SMC-HF chargers are controlled by an integrated microcomputer.

For full specifications see this technical PDF

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Fortis Conventional Chargers

Fortis chargers feature a automatic start/stop, electronic controller with failure diagnostics, equalizing charge and overload cut out the transformer you can be assured to have maximum safety and reliability. The front panel features an easy to read LCD display to show charging data and 5 LED's indicating charging stages or any faults.

The chargers come in a green steel case with a white door. With or without your choice of plug and the operating instructions are available in English, Polish, Latvian and Russian.

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