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  1. Who is keeping the batteries safe?

    Our dependence on machines in the modern world is staggering with reliance on everything from critical medical equipment to computers our way of life and ongoing safety depends on those machines operating correctly. Materials handling equipment is quite rightly referred to as ‘mission critical’ and it goes without saying that health & safety remains pivotal within that environment.


    It is easy to forget the impact that the Health & Safety at Work Act had since its inception in 1974. From 1974 to 2016 the reduction in employee related deaths has fallen by a massive 85% and the rate of employee injuries by 77% (RIDDOR).

    Clearly the procedures in place across the country are effective in the majority of cases but with all eyes on the equipment just who is keeping the batteries safe? The heart of the machine.

    With a standard forklift battery pack costing around £5,000 with a 2 year warranty it is easy to see why end users may assume they have nothing to worry about for a while. The reality is that a poor maintained battery can leak acid over the top of the cells and if connections are compromised an explosion can result. Add to that the risk of escaping gasses and leaking acid contaminating employees and you have a real issue.

    An explosion is of course worst case scenario. Incorrect or poorly timed topping up regularly results in severely reduced life expectancy of the unit. The reality is that one expensive battery pack will require replacing after only 18 months whilst a well maintained unit will last a good 4 to 5 years. Factor that into the profit and loss and you have a big knock on effect. The main question at that point is ‘who is paying?’ We take the ‘total cost of ownership’ very seriously and the benefits are clear.

    Cost effective battery maintenance packages provides a hassle free solution for all critical issues. Whether it’s a forklift, a cherry picker a low level pallet truck or a cleaning machine – it is the easiest way to protect your workforce and reduce costs.

    Here at Fortis we provide independent UK wide servicing and act on behalf of the OEM during the warranty period. Our 25 years of experience and exceptional service have resulted in an impressive portfolio of both independent and large national blue chip clients including John Lewis Partnership, Booker Distribution, Nestle, Aldi & B&Q.

    Services range from battery & charger supply, topping contracts, service and rental across all brands and all technologies. National fleet management, asset processing and resident engineers are just some of the options available.

    The key things is we are truly ‘independent’. We act as an unbiased ‘voice of reason’ between the fork list truck provider and the end user. Simply put, we improve our clients return on investment and effectively ‘sweat their asset’/ Truly a win, win for all parties.

    We provide services across the whole of the UK deploying 17th edition qualified engineers utilising the latest in cloud based management systems. Free training on charging and cable storage is provided to site operatives nationally.

    Customer service and safety are critical elements of our service offer. We provide our clients with professional, up to date information in real time. This has been hugely instrumental in our 30% year on year growth.

    Unlike other companies we provide bespoke packages that are specific to clients needs. Everything is possible, from simple topping up contracts to national energy management and budget planning.

    For more information call 0800 633 5532 or email



  2. Why Fortis?

    Are you wondering what the benefits are for using Fortis over another supplier?

    With Fortis industrial battery care there is simply no comparison:

    Fortis Battery Care


  3. How to keep yourself and others safe around fork lift trucks


    Whether you’re a fork lift operator, a colleague working alongside or someone with responsibility for overseeing safety, it’s important to understand how best to keep yourself and others safe.

    With forklift trucks accounting for 1 in 4 workplace transport accidents they are more dangerous than HGV’s. Below are some key points to help keep you safe:

    Know your limits

    • Only do tasks which you are qualified, trained and authorised to do
    • Never operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Make sure you have a driving licence and road tax for public operations

    Check your trucks

    • Always complete pre-use checks, reporting and problems and withdrawing the truck from service if necessary
    • Don’t modify the truck or carry out unauthorised repairs
    • Never exceed your trucks rated capacity

    Be a safe operator

    • Don’t speed and never corner at speed
    • Wear a seatbelt whenever truck is in motion
    • Obey ‘no smoking’ and ‘no naked light’ rules
    • Don’t leave keys unattended in trucks
    • Use caution on wet or slippery surfaces

    Protect your colleagues

    • Always give pedestrians priority
    • Comply with site rules, signs and traffic controls
    • If you can’t see in the direct of travel, use a banksman
    • Never pick up a load if someone is standing nearby
    • Don’t ever carry passengers

    Handle loads safely

    • Ensure loads are supported evenly and securely
    • Never lift loads on damaged pallets
    • Don’t carry loads that block visibility without banksman assistance
    • Take care when unloading trailers, stacking pallets or handling round objects
    • Don’t allow anyone to travel under loads
    • Stay alert to potential hazards


    Maintain a safe distance

    • Never go near a forklift unless you really must
    • Always use available pedestrian routes and pathways
    • Never approach trucks from behind
    • Keep clear of refuelling bays (including charging areas)

    Make sure you’re seen

    • Only approach a forklift when you’re positive the driver’s seen you. Even then, proceed with caution
    • Always keep within operator’s line of sight
    • Wear high visibility clothing

    Say alert to danger

    • Pay attention to flashing lights and movement alarms
    • Switch off mp3 players when working near forklifts
    • Don’t use mobile phones in truck operating areas
    • Obey all no smoking signs

    Know your limits

    • Only use equipment you are trained and authorised to use
    • Don’t even touch a fork lift truck without appropriate training
    • Request training before operating new equipment

    Keep two feet on the ground

    • Never ask for or accept a lift on a forklift
    • Never sit on the forklift’s load
    • Never ask to be lifted up on the forks, a pallet or other improvised devices
  4. We’re supporting Safetember!

    FLTA Safetember

    Safetember is the Fork Lift Truck Association’s (FLTA) annual month to promote fork lift safety and here at Fortis Battery Care we are a proud supporter.

    Today there will be at least one major fork lift truck accident in the UK. That is in addition to countless minor incidents which will give painful injuries, reduce productivity, and damage trucks, racking and valuable stock – with significant bottom-line costs.

    To help protect your workforce there are 4 key basics to forklift operation: Safe Management, Safe Operators, Safe Site and Safe Trucks.

    Here at Fortis Battery Care we have a number of products to ensure your site can operate safely and protect your workforce against minor and major accidents and they are all available to buy online with fast delivery. Click here to view the range.

  5. Worry Free Battery Maintenance Contracts to Prevent Health and Safety Issues

    Did you know that not only can we service and maintain batteries for material handling equipment but we can also look after your cleaning machine batteries?

    Regardless of the application, keeping your batteries clean and well maintained is really important and prevents a number of health and safety issues from arising.

    As workplace health and safety is paramount, here at Fortis we can alleviate that worry by offering you a maintenance package tailored to your businesses exact needs. For more information call 0800 633 5532 or email

    clean battery

    A dirty MHE battery after gathering dirt and dust from a warehouse environment and the clean version after a visit from one of our engineers.

  6. Micropower Battery Charger Range

    Here at Fortis Battery Care we are the UK distributors of Micropower Battery Chargers, so whether you are thinking of upgrading your conventional charger to a more energy efficient High Frequency (HF) version or require spare parts for your existing Micropower charger we can help.

    Micropower’s most popular product is the SMC-HF battery charger but this has recently changed name to Sharp. These do the exact same thing as the previous SMC-HF versions but the range now also includes the previously named Robust chargers. These chargers are suitable for harsher environments such as working in wet and damp conditions or dusty environments.

    There has also been some models discontinued including the STC, MTM and MTM-HF.

    New chargers can be found here but if you require parts or aren’t sure which charger you need please contact us and we can help.

    Micropower Sharp Charger

  7. We are recruiting!

    Job Vacancy – Target Account Manager


    Due to continued expansion we are looking to recruit a Target Account Manager to join our sales team!

    If you’ve got a background in sales and account management then this could be the job for you.

    Reporting to the Sales Director you responsibilities will include:

    • To call on new customers with a view to developing further business for the Company.
    • To increase market share
    • Achievement of sales, discount and cost budget
    • Territory and time management
    • Establishment of long-standing customer relationships
    • To conduct himself/herself in a manner that will be of credit to the company.
    • To take all steps possible to improve own performance and achieve an ever-increasing effectiveness


    • Strong sales background
    • Advanced education
    • Strong negotiation skills
    • Knowledge about the relevant customer groups
    • Technically minded
    • Numerate and literate
    • Full P&L knowledge

    Personal Skills

    • Customer empathy – has the ability to put himself in the shoes of the customer
    • Systematic approach
    • Convinces, conveys and sells ideas
    • Is self-confident and persistent
    • Ability to select and handle conflicts
    • Ability to combine products and services into complete offerings
    • Strong commercial/selling skills
    • Judgement based on common sense and facts
    • Psychological insight, understands and predicts behaviour
    • Energetic, result-oriented with high goals
    • Winning and determinant attitude
    • Open, honest, candid and positive attitude
    • Service-minded and problem-solving attitude
    • Co-operative and team-oriented
    • Insight into market forces and sales processes

    Main Tasks

    • Develop new Strategic sales and service accounts, and create to routes to market, at a National level.  This role will require a sales focus, to increase Fortis Battery care sales into new routes, especially via strategic sector groups. In addition, further expand on current successes, and add new clients in established channels. We also need a focus on large service contracts, promoting the service offering to all clients.
    • Sell our full range offering to our customers and potential customers
    • Make proposals based upon full P&L analysis and in line with Group pricing strategy
    • Utilise solution orientated sales approach
    • Train and instruct our customers in how to use our products
    • Manage and co-operate with National and Area Sales Managers to avoid commercial conflicts with current sales platform
    • Achieve sales growth and customer satisfaction through close co-operation with marketing, operations and customer service
    • Make daily decisions based on information, policies and procedures
    • Direct and monitor his own effort based on analyses of financial, product, customer, volume and market information
    • Have a full understanding of our strategies and goals as well as how they should be transformed into daily operations
    • Co-operate with and maintain a long-standing relationship with the customers
    • Communicate and adapt all advantages/benefits to the customers buying criteria
    • All customer and prospective customer records kept up to date and in a systematic order.
    • A properly reported Call Plan/Record system to be operated.

    To attend all Regional and National Sales Meetings unless otherwise authorised.


    To apply or to find out more, email: 

  8. Fortis trusted brands

    Here at Fortis Battery Care we only sell products from brands we trust.

    Regardless of whether your purchase is a single bolted connecter or a battery charger we will only sell you a product from a brand that we believe will offer you the best quality. Brands we sell include Micropower, Frotek, Anderson, Rema, Philadelphia Scientific & many more!

    Click here to visit our online shop.


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  9. Fortis Battery Care awarded with the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award

    Fortis Battery Care have just been awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award! We have been awarded this as a part of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) which aims to encourage and inspire other companies to employ and support armed force veterans just as we do.

    The Bronze Award is great recognition for the work we do employing veterans and using their skills in our business.

    John Wilson, the Ministry of Defence’s Regional Employer Engagement Director for the East Midlands said: “It’s fantastic that Fortis Battery Care have shown their support for Defence personnel and I hope that they would wish to declare publically that support by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.”

    Fortis Battery Care Bronze Award

  10. Have you seen our brand new website homepage?

    As you may have noticed we have a brand new company logo and to coincide with it we have also launched a brand new homepage. Our new homepage provides you with more information about what we do: we are much more than just a product supplier! Click the image below to take a look!

    Fortis Battery Care Website