New in – Full BFS Kit!

Launch of the BFS kit

A few months ago we posted this blog:   about battery filling systems. It compares speeds in which you can fill a battery. If you haven’t already seen it, its worth a read. A handy video is also included in the post, so you can see the systems in use for yourself.

Whats new?


What our kits include

Previously when setting up your own BFS kit, you would need to purchase the parts separately. Fortis had the idea to sell the kits as a whole, which will save time and money. Now you can purchase full kits for 12, 18,24, and 40 cell batteries. The kit is easy to assemble, simply fit the parts to suit your battery and you’re good to go.


The BFS kit includes:

– Push in plugs (12,18,24,or 40. Depending on cell amount)

-2 x End stops

-1 x T-Piece 6/10/6

BFS, battery filling system,

What the BFS set up should look like.

-Floats (12,18,24,or 40. Depending on cell amount)

-1 x Male coupler 10mm

-24 x 6mm hose clamps

-4 x 10mm hose clamps

-1 x flow indicator/filter

-4m of 6mm hose

-1m of 10mm hose

You can now purchase a full BFS kit through our website. Follow the link to see our range


Genuine Frotek and BFS parts are used to make up our kits.