Battery Chargers – What’s the difference?

Buying a forklift charger can be quite overwhelming if you’re not sure what you’re after. Fortis can offer you both conventional and high frequency (HF) chargers, but what is the difference?

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Conventional Chargers:

Conventional chargers are the cheapest option out of the two. I once had these described to me as old TVs, large and heavy whereas HF chargers are like HD flat screens. As they are quite large they are based on the floor and we offer an Overnight (12 hour charge) and a Rapid (8 hour) option. We sell our own brand of Fortis Conventional chargers which can be found here.



High Frequencforklift battery products, micropower, 48 volt 60 amp, reduced pricey (HF):

As previously stated, these chargers are like your HD flats screen TVs, unlike Conventional chargers, these are compact, light and can be wall mounted to save valuable warehouse space. These chargers have over 90% efficiency which makes them more cost effective than a Conventional. These chargers can usually charge in 6-8 hours (depending on battery type) without damaging the battery. We sell Micropower HF Chargers and the range can be found here.